Nathaniel  Turner
Nathaniel  Turner
Leadership Team

Nathaniel Turner

Chief Technology Officer
  • IT operations
  • Technology strategy and integration
  • Data, network, and cyber security
  • Asset management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data migration
  • Automation
  • Efficiency and innovation
About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Turner oversees Brown & Riding’s technology needs, including infrastructure, data security, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery. He joined B&R in 2006 as a Network Administrator, became Assistant Vice President and Information Technology Manager in 2009, Vice President and Director of Information Technology in 2014, and Senior Vice President in 2018. In 2020, he became a company Principal and was also named Chief Technology Officer. Over the course of his career, Nate has helped see the company through two mergers, helped expand the company’s national footprint to 20 offices, and has built a highly effective IT department servicing over 350 employees.

A forward thinker, Nate takes a proactive approach to plan for and prevent technology issues before they happen. He has been instrumental in countless technological improvements across the company in terms of functionality, efficiency, and security. Under his leadership, the firm has implemented significant proactive and preventative IT measures, which have contributed to the firm’s continued rapid expansion and ability to adapt to fast technological change.

Nate has participated in NAPLSO technology conferences as well as the CA Surplus Line Associate Technology Group. He is also an active participant in the Los Angeles Chapter of the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA).

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