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Nealy Farshadi

Principal, Strategic Client Relations
Phone: 213.593.3414
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With extensive industry knowledge and loyal market relationships, we can help you provide the broadest coverage offerings in the industry to your insured clients.

What Makes Us Different
  • Technical Expertise – comprehensive understanding of coverage exposures and placement of necessary coverage limits, terms, and conditions
  • Form Analysis – identification of coverage nuances and deficiencies among varied Claims-Made coverage forms
  • Problem Solving – complex claim triggers in policy forms; extended reporting period (ERP) and included but not reported (IBNR) solutions and assistance
  • Manuscript Solutions – Mergers & Acquisitions; discontinued products and various contractual obligations
  • Market Intelligence – respected relationships with Life Sciences markets, offering latest coverage enhancements
  • Superior Service – total industry access and coordination across all lines of coverage with a single team access point
Target Classes – Human and Animal
  • Drugs – ethical, generic, biosimilar, over-the-counter
  • Devices – diagnostics, dental, DME, minimally invasive to invasive, permanently implantable
  • Clinical Trials – domestic and foreign, including locally admitted placements and DIC / DIL cover
  • Nutraceuticals – ingestible, consumable, topical, injectable, CBD
  • Clinical Research Organizations – sponsored and non-sponsored, including site
  • Blood – blood, blood plasma, and tissue products
  • Labs – laboratories and testing facilities
  • Telemedicine – prescribing, diagnosing, testing, consulting
  • Med Tech – applications and products
  • Contract Manufacturing & Distributors – OEM, private label, proprietary
Products Offered – Primary & Excess Liability
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Errors & Omissions – combined Commercial General Liability (CGL) / Products / E&O
  • CGL and Incidental Medical / Professional – combined policy
  • Discontinued Products / Operations – multi-year policy terms
  • Tail Cover / ERP – Claims-Made coverage
Recent Successes
Coverage Risk Description Limits
GL / Professional / Excess OTC Disease Test Kits incl. Counseling $15,000,000
GL / Professional Implantable Brain Stimulation – Clinical Trial $12,000,000
GL / Professional Athletic Concussion Screening Device $5,000,000
Product Liability Manufacturer of Obsolete Drugs / Generics $5,000,000
Product Liability Animal / Human Crossover Drugs Distributor $5,000,000
Product Liability Nutraceutical Supplement Manufacturer $5,000,000
Product Liability Energy Drink Manufacturer / Distributor $7,000,000
GL / Professional Infectious Disease Testing Laboratory $10,000,000
Product Liability Hormone Drug Therapy – Clinical Trial $10,000,000
Product Liability Craniofacial Implants $5,000,000
Clinical Trial Opioid Patch Clinical Trial $5,000,000
GL / Professional Component Orthopedic CMO to OEM $10,000,000
Product Liability MFG / Processor of Blood Plasma and Tissue Products$10,000,000
Excess LiabilityPediatric Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial$10,000,000
Discontinued Products Orphan Drug Manufacturer $10,000,000

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