Our mission to transform the wholesale insurance business depends on outstanding people. When building teams, we look for people who share our core values, our commitment to helping clients get the best deal, and to delivering the best possible experience.



Brown & Riding employees own 100% of our company, and we are committed to remaining fully independent. That means we’re in it for the long haul, and there are no conflicts about what business we are in or whose interests we serve. We have a long-term perpetuation strategy that offers top professionals meaningful ownership opportunities, and we’re continually working to develop our firm’s future generations of leadership, ensuring everyone on the team greater levels of stability and continuity. Please join us! To see which positions are currently available, click here.

Powerful Teams

All of our sales and service capabilities are team-based, and while opinions certainly count, teamwork and intelligence rule the day. Our management style focuses on accountability and creating real value for our retail broker clients. We are successful because our corporate culture is a powerful mix of experience, the high expectation of our peers, and the willingness to innovate.

How We Define Success

Brown & Riding is the only wholesale brokerage in the country that has an ISO certified Quality Management System. As you might guess, it means that quality is extremely important here. We measure it and improve it all the time, and we continually ask for feedback from our employees and our clients.

Everyone has a well-defined role at Brown & Riding and advancement is strongly encouraged. We like to use the word “accountability,” which is heard frequently at our offices. Success at Brown & Riding depends on many factors, some tangible and some intangible. But talented and committed workers who enhance our teams’ capabilities and don’t lose sight of client needs will always excel.