Brown & Riding, a Top 10 U.S. P&C wholesaler, has announced the appointment of Nathaniel Turner as Chief Technology Officer. Turner is based out of the company’s Los Angeles headquarters and will be responsible for overseeing the company’s technology needs, including IT infrastructure, data security, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, budgeting, technology vendor management, and more.

Turner joined B&R in 2006 as a Network Administrator, became an Assistant Vice President and IT Manager in 2009, Vice President and Director of Information Technology in 2014, and Senior Vice President in 2018. At the time he joined B&R, the company had approximately 50 employees and 2 office locations. Over the course of his career at B&R, he has helped see the company through two mergers (with AMW and Travis Pedersen), helped expand the company’s national footprint to 19 offices, and has built a highly effective IT department servicing roughly 300 employees. In his new role as CTO, Turner will undoubtedly continue to excel and help move the company’s technology initiatives forward.

According to B&R Chairman, Chris A. Brown, “Nate continues to demonstrate incredible leadership and forward thinking; the level of commitment he displays on a daily basis is truly inspiring. Throughout his Brown & Riding career, he has implemented significant proactive and preventative IT measures, which have contributed to the firm’s continued rapid expansion and ability to adapt to fast technological change. Under his guidance, our IT team has met every challenge consistently, seamlessly, and efficiently, including the operational technology challenges that arose due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Nate has directly impacted B&R’s seamless transition to remote work, so we can continue to service our clients at the highest levels. He consistently embodies our core values of teamwork, quality, and professionalism.”

Turner’s advancement typifies Brown & Riding’s focus on employee development and growth. Through his hard work and dedication to the company and its employees, Turner’s journey illustrates how promotion from within is highly supported and encouraged within the company. B&R continues to remain 100% independent, fostering a culture that rewards innovation, with a long-term perpetuation strategy that offers top professionals meaningful ownership opportunities. This focus on internal growth empowers employees like Turner to excel without the need to answer to outside interests or investors. This approach continues to have a direct and positive impact on employees and clients and allows Brown & Riding to always put client interests first.

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