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Donald Privett

Principal, Mining Practice Leader
Phone: 212.299.4754
Email: [email protected]

  • Our practice area leader has 40 years of experience brokering insurance on mines.
  • The team and team leader are known throughout the world as mining experts.
  • We participate in industry meetings around the world.

The mining industry is complex and requires industry specific professionals.

We understand the unique exposures of mining risks and the potential for sizable losses, so our team’s experience is critical to the needs of your valued clients. We provide a depth of knowledge and have formed long-term relationships with key decision-makers with global reach.

What Makes Us Different
  • Respect from Markets – We negotiate with markets as equals, including the ability to negotiate required form changes with expert knowledge of pricing.
  • Experienced Coverage Negotiations – We have the knowledge of what to include in a policy as it relates to specific mining operations, which means clarity in claims negotiations.
  • Quick Turnaround – We save you time because markets trade with us on many accounts.
  • Access to Industry Experts – We have extensive networks that you can use for claims, valuations, or engineering. This results in your client getting the best people for their needs.
  • Up-to-Date Market Knowledge – A clear marketing plan can be created, versus learning as you go. This results in the benefit of a better-structured program.
  • Teamwork and Specialization – This practice group is a multi-disciplinary team that provides a coordinated approach to handling placements.
Target Classes
  • Mines and quarries – including above-ground, open pit, and underground mining risks
  • Mining-related operations – including refineries and processing plants, equipment manufacturing, repair contractors, and supply companies
  • Mining consultants and engineers
  • Precious metal mines – e.g., copper, molybdenum, iron, gold, silver, aluminum
  • Non-metal mines – e.g., garnet, diamond, salt, rock, sand, gravel
  • Coal mines
Products Offered

We work as a team to anticipate exposures, design placements, and help select the coverages needed to best serve the client, including:

  • Layered property programs, including below-ground values with underground Business Interruption
  • Manuscript policy forms to address the unique exposures that many mines have
  • General Liability
  • Builder’s Risk, including development of new mines
  • Pollution Liability
  • Professional Liability (project design wraps)

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Donald  Privett
Donald Privett
Principal, Mining Practice Leader
Phone: 212.299.4754
New York
Property, Mining