Our national network of professionals combine technical rigor with a depth of experience to develop winning solutions for our clients’ most challenging catastrophe and “all risk” needs.

The Property Practice Group tailors its approach with the understanding that no two risks are alike. We utilize our market relationships and thorough product knowledge to provide you and your client with comprehensive, personalized solutions.

All Risk / Property
We will entertain most property risks where the standard marketplace is not interested or is unable to provide the desired coverage. We offer a wide range of markets, both admitted and non-admitted, and we work with you to design a program with the coverage and value you need to satisfy even your most sophisticated and demanding client. Examples include:
  • Real Estate: habitational, commercial, industrial
  • Public entity
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Historic / older buildings
  • Vacant properties
  • Brush or forest areas
  • Recycling
  • Chemical & energy
Submission requirements: Electronic statement of values, 3-5 year loss history, ACORD application and/or risk specific questionnaire.
Habitational & Commercial
We place coverage for all types of Habitational & Commercial risks including:
  • Primary / Excess
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Affordable, student, and elderly housing
  • New & older construction
  • Risks with losses
  • All construction types & protection classes
  • Single locations or large national schedules
  • Mixed use or single occupancy
  • HPR (highly protected risk)
  • No restrictions on type of business
  • Vacant & unoccupied
  • Competitive rates
  • Premiums generally start at $1,500
Difference in Conditions / Earthquake, Flood & Named Storm
We offer catastrophic model report analyses to assist you and your client in gaining a broader perspective on potential exposures and to support a more educated buying decision. Just as no two DIC risks are identical, no two DIC forms are identical. We have studied every carrier form represented, and pursue coverage enhancements on all placements. We access the entire marketplace to select the strongest and most competitive carriers and deliver a comprehensive, customized, cost effective solution for you and your valued client. We entertain a wide range of DIC risks, from single location risks to highly diverse Real Estate schedules with locations throughout the United States. Target Risks include:
  • Real Estate: habitational, commercial, industrial
  • Public entities
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Historic / older buildings
  • Wineries and bottling companies
  • Primary / Excess
  • Layered Accounts
  • Follow form with drop down endorsement
  • Admitted & non-admitted carriers
  • All construction types
  • No age restriction
  • Premiums start at $1,000
  • Solutions for high liquefaction, coastal wind, and flood zones
Submission requirements: electronic statement of values
Builder's Risk / Course of Construction
We can address your project-specific or master policy exposure needs. We match the right carriers and forms to the specifications of the project and insured’s requirements. We analyze exposures and PMLs, then design a comprehensive and cost effective program. We also recognize the importance of addressing third party contractual obligations and can work with your casualty placements to help coordinate all coverages and assist you in avoiding costly and embarrassing coverage gaps. Brown & Riding is a leader in the wholesale industry in identifying issues and pioneering coverage enhancements to address these exposures. Examples include:
  • All risk builder’s risk, including or excluding earthquake, flood, and wind exposures
  • Project-specific and master policies
  • All construction types including high-valued wood frame
  • Custom homes
  • Renovations / remodels / conversions
  • Roads, bridges, tunnels
  • Pipelines
  • Site improvements
  • New construction
  • Installation floaters
  • Engineered risks / seismic retrofits
  • Commercial & residential
  • Environmental / green projects (LEED)
  • Admitted & non-admitted carriers
  • Catastrophe perils available
  • Markets available for replacing coverage midterm
  • Premiums start at $1,000
Submission requirements: builder’s risk questionnaire, plot plan, construction budget, construction schedule.
Other Coverages
We offer a variety of other different and unusual first party property risk coverages including:
  • Bridges, docks, wharves
  • Precious metals
  • Stock throughputs
  • Inland & Ocean Marine
  • Primary and contingent cargo
  • Warehouse Legal Liability
  • Fine arts
  • High-value dwellings
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Condo conversions
  • Light to heavy manufacturing
  • Deductible buy downs
  • Commercial manufacturing output
  • Contractors’ equipment
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Auto physical damage