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Revolutionizing Risk: The Evolution of Telematics in Auto Insurance

Telematics isn’t entirely new to the insurance industry, but its evolution has been gaining momentum. This article takes a look at telematics, from its history to the growing importance of gathering data, and explores potential impacts as this technology continues to become more accessible.

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The Art of Property Layering

All property accounts are facing challenges in 2023. With many factors to consider, being adept at the art of layering has become critical to construct programs effectively. This article addresses how to best navigate the property landscape and strategies and tools that can help yield success.

Elizabeth  Bounds
Elizabeth Bounds
General Counsel

Elizabeth Bounds has a unique background in both law and insurance and oversees Brown & Riding’s legal, risk management, and claims departments. She has been with B&R since 2014 and plays a critical role in managing the company’s litigation and legal resources, client claims advocacy, and developing overall risk management strategies for the firm.

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