Top 10 Largest P&C Wholesaler
Brown & Riding named leading U.S. wholesaler for the ninth consecutive year
The Art of Property Layering

All property accounts are facing challenges in 2023. With many factors to consider, being adept at the art of layering has become critical to construct programs effectively. This article addresses how to best navigate the property landscape and strategies and tools that can help yield success.

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Annual Healthcare Market Update

The hard market continues to be driven by nuclear verdicts, third party litigation funding, and staffing challenges. Looking forward through 2023, we address these challenges, how to best prepare your insureds, and how a proactive approach will help ensure a smooth renewal process.

Nathaniel Turner
Chief Technology Officer

Nathaniel Turner oversees Brown & Riding’s technology needs, including infrastructure, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, vendor management, IT project management, and IT budgeting. He has helped see the company through two mergers and has built a highly effective IT department servicing over 350 employees.

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