Brown & Riding Merges With Travis-Pedersen and Associates

The wholesale insurance transformation is picking up pace



In a move that invigorates the independent wholesale insurance brokerage movement, Brown & Riding and Travis-Pedersen have inked a deal that creates a new member of the top ten P&C wholesalers in the U.S market.

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Brown & Riding/AMW has a division specially designed to handle small business risks. It’s the Underwriting & Select Accounts Group, and it could be just the right solution for you.

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We deliver EPL “quick quotes” within a few hours subject to an application prior to binding and assuming no prior coverage or open claims. EPL quotes are produced within 4 hours on the business day submitted (or less, if requested).*

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There are few things more important than having a great team to represent you. We were the first wholesale insurance brokerage in the country to earn the ISO 9001:2000 certification. We don’t just talk about quality, we prove it.

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