Brown & Riding has announced the appointment of Sara Masaeli as Chief Information Officer (CIO). Based in California, Masaeli will spearhead the organization’s continuous advancement of B&R’s software development and data strategy.

Beginning her journey at B&R in 2014 as a Software Support Analyst, Masaeli quickly demonstrated her skills and dedication, ascending to Assistant Vice President and Senior Business System Analyst in 2018 and Vice President shortly after in 2020. By early 2022, she had advanced to Senior Vice President of Business Systems, underlining her consistent growth within the organization. Masaeli has been instrumental in leading two significant business system overhauls, including the development of B&R’s proprietary agency management system, and has played a pivotal role in the progressive evolution of these systems. As CIO, she will lead the application development team and will be key in shaping Brown & Riding’s enterprise applications and overall technology strategy.

Reflecting on Masaeli’s promotion, B&R President and CEO, Jeff Rodriguez stated, “Sara has continually proven herself to be an innovative and steadfast leader. She has been critical to the development and refinement of our business systems, contributing significantly to our capacity to serve clients and enhance our internal operations. Sara embodies our core values of teamwork, quality, and professionalism, and we look forward to her leadership as CIO.”

Masaeli’s journey at Brown & Riding exemplifies the firm’s commitment to employee development and internal growth. With a focus on promoting from within, B&R has nurtured Masaeli’s expertise and rewarded her dedication, reflecting our unique culture that rewards innovation and growth. As an entirely independent firm, Brown & Riding is proud to offer meaningful ownership opportunities to top professionals. This model enables the company to prioritize client interests above all else, ensuring decisions are made without influence from external shareholders or investors. Masaeli’s promotion reinforces this philosophy, demonstrating the company’s commitment to empowering its employees and clients alike.

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