Lucy  Lyons
Lucy  Lyons

Lucy Lyons

Principal, Senior Vice President, Broker
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL)
  • Excess
  • Environmental
  • Marine
  • Auto Liability and Monoline Auto Physical Damage for various industries, with an emphasis on Construction, Manufacturing, Nutraceuticals, Restaurants/Bars, and various other industries
About Lucy

Lucy Lyons joined Brown & Riding in 2009 and specializes in challenging casualty accounts with adverse loss experience. Her main areas of expertise are CGL, Excess, Environmental, Construction-related Marine / Hull / P&I, and Auto Liability, with an emphasis on Construction and Manufacturing. Lucy’s many years in insurance and vast knowledge of complex risks have made her a great asset in the industry.

Lucy has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry and originally began her career on the retail side in an entry-level position before later earning a promotion to Account Executive. After six years in retail, one of the wholesale brokers she had been utilizing for hard-to-place accounts reached out to recruit her. She became a wholesale Casualty Broker and Manager and was involved in the placement of large residential builders via an exclusive program through London, specifically for this class of business. In addition to this program, she continued to place complex Product Liability accounts, as well as Auto Liability.

Team Members
Contact Information Location Practice Areas
Sasha  Cerny
Sasha Cerny
Assistant Vice President, Broker
Phone: 213.593.3438
Jessica  Bernstein
Jessica Bernstein
Account Executive
Phone: 213.593.3451
Dylan  Leppert
Dylan Leppert
Associate Broker
Phone: 415.490.9411

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