Adam  Lowe
Adam  Lowe

Adam Lowe

Principal, Senior Vice President, Broker
  • All types of Casualty insurance programs, including large residential, commercial, and public works construction developers and contractors
  • Commercial and residential real estate portfolios
  • Consolidated Insurance Programs (CIPs)
  • Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs)
  • Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIPs)
  • Owner's Interest
  • Owners and Contractors Protective (OCP)

Professional Designations

  • CRIS

About Adam

Adam Lowe is a Broker who joined Brown & Riding in 2017. He started with the firm as a Production Assistant and progressed quickly, being promoted twice within his first two years, followed by a subsequent promotion to Broker at the beginning of 2019. At the end of 2022, Adam was recognized as a leading young new business producer within the firm and promoted to Assistant Vice President. In December of 2023, Adam was promoted to Senior Vice President and became a Principal of the firm. Adam specializes in all types of complex Casualty insurance programs for large residential, commercial, public works construction developers and contractors, commercial and residential real estate portfolios, as well as in all aspects of comprehensive Consolidated Insurance Programs. He collaborates with other team members to ensure that all the needs of clients are met.

Before joining B&R, Adam interned with a retail firm for three months following his graduation from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He earned his Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS) designation in 2019 as a further commitment to specializing within the Construction industry to better understand the needs of his clients.

Adam’s experience in the Construction Development space includes an expansive range of program structures and project types. He is hyper focused within this vertical and is well versed in constructing high excess towers with strategic layering for structures and risks with adverse claim and/or loss experience. In the Wrap-Up/Project space, he has represented projects ranging from data and chip manufacturing plants, wastewater treatment facilities, highway expansion and underground tunneling projects, mixed-use/hotel development, multi-family apartments, and for-sale condo projects across the country. He is constantly expanding his knowledge base in the ever-changing construction industry.

As an E&S Broker, Adam believes that specialization and technical knowledge are paramount. By spending the large majority of his time within the Construction and Real Estate/Development space, clients can be confident in his team’s abilities to negotiate coverage and ensure clients are getting the best product for their specific needs. “Our clients approach us to find creative solutions to tough problems,” he says. “Our team’s product and industry specialization as well as our tactical approach to the marketplace helps ensure submissions are being managed by an expert team in the appropriate field.”

Team Members
Contact Information Location Practice Areas
Andrew  Grim
Andrew Grim
Executive Director of Specialty, National Casualty Practice Leader
Phone: 972.439.9477
Lexey  Chapin
Lexey Chapin
Assistant Vice President, Account Executive
Phone: 678.225.1386
Alexandra  Dorris
Alexandra Dorris
Assistant Vice President, Account Executive
Phone: 972.560.9843
Megan  Futrell
Megan Futrell
Associate Broker
Phone: 972.402.6663
Travis  Gray
Travis Gray
Associate Broker
Phone: 972.704.1321
Gracie  Goodwin
Gracie Goodwin
Production Associate
Phone: 972.777.6276

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