Congratulations to Timothy M. Pedersen, Jr. and Jeffery Short who have been recognized as Top Specialist Brokers for 2019!

The Top Specialist Brokers list is created by Insurance Business America via nominations received directly from retailers and colleagues. Nominations are made based on which wholesale brokers they feel are the best in the industry. In 2019, 50 wholesale brokers made the list, due to their dedication to providing expertise and incredible service in their specialty area or areas.

Timothy M. Pedersen, Jr. receives recognition as a pioneering specialist in Excess Transportation. He founded Brown & Riding’s rapidly growing Transportation Practice Group, keeping B&R at the forefront of this rapidly changing sector. Tim has demonstrated continued leadership by serving as a President of Insurance Associates, a Committee Member of the Young Agents (a division of the IIA of IL), Director of the Association of Lloyd’s Brokers (ALB), and a committee member for WSIA.

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Jeffery Short is named for his strong expertise in the Hospitality industry, with over 25 years in wholesale insurance. As leader of the Hospitality Practice Area, he has developed a nuanced understanding of the industry’s many complexities. He is constantly learning from carriers and retailers in the sector. This helps Brown & Riding stay ahead of each new development and deliver creative solutions to clients.

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Thank you and congratulations to all the specialists who are making an impact in our industry! To view the full report, click here.

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