We are proud to congratulate Cathy Griffin, Gloria Lam, Anne Lund, and Shaida Monshi for being awarded Elite Women 2018!

The Elite Women list is created by Insurance Business America (IBA) via nomination. Hundreds of nominations were submitted, and 95 women made the 2018 list, due to their incredible determination, ability to tackle challenges head-on, and for playing a critical role in shaping the insurance industry.

Cathy Griffin receives recognition for being one of the pioneers of the Environmental sector. With nearly 40 years of industry experience, she has been involved in environmental insurance ever since it began. With extensive expertise in evaluating environmental forms, coverages, and exposures, Cathy is often asked for her expert opinion by carriers on their forms. She writes business throughout the country and has earned a strong agency following as well as a solid reputation amongst the top environmental insurance carriers. Read the IBA post about Cathy.

Gloria Lam is named for her strong expertise in Workers’ Compensation coverage. With decades of experience, she has developed a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the Workers’ Comp industry. Her breadth of experience includes underwriting, marketing, management, and her current role as a wholesale broker, allowing her to understand coverage needs from a multitude of angles. She is readily accessible to clients and maintains a balanced portfolio with low loss ratio. Read the IBA post about Gloria.

Anne Lund is being acknowledged for her extremely specialized knowledge of the Financial Institutions sector. With over 30 years of insurance experience, Anne is keenly attuned to the intricacies involved in securing proper financial institutions coverage. She has a depth of expertise that very few professionals have been able to attain within this segment of the industry and is highly respected in this very specialized niche market. She excels at working with carriers to modify their forms, in order to be sensitive, responsive, and relevant to the volatile and ever-changing financial institutions climate. Read the IBA post about Anne.

Shaida Monshi is being honored for her pivotal role in establishing Brown & Riding’s property practice group. She was instrumental in developing the group’s quality standards, including their attention to underwriting principles and comprehensive coverage analysis, which has helped lead to a high professional reputation in the marketplace. Shaida specializes in Real Estate Owners & Developers, Public Entity, and catastrophic property risks, is extremely detail-oriented, and is highly sensitive to the demands and pressures facing retail agents. Read the IBA post about Shaida.

To see the full list of 2018 Elite Women, click here.

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