Market Relationships

The strength of the solutions we provide to our clients is a direct reflection of the relationships we have with our carrier partners. We don’t leave market relationships to chance. We take a systematic approach to ensure that our relationships are always strong and continually improving.

Market Relationships

Our Philosophy On Relationships

Brown & Riding has a methodical, proven approach to building long lasting, successful relationships with agents, brokers, and our market partners. It’s based on the understanding that our reputation is paramount to getting the best deals available in the marketplace and always meeting or exceeding expectations.

We have access to all the major carriers, and underwriters like to work with our team because they know what to expect. We are always careful about who we do business with.

Brown & Riding is staffed by experienced specialists, not generalists, who operate in a culture that ensures you get the benefit of the firm’s talent and relationships. We work with underwriters at their level, speak the same language, and collaborate on coverages. We don’t just take what’s given.

We have been fortunate to build a long list of satisfied clients around the country, and we review all of our market relationships on a quarterly basis to make sure they are continually improving. Our market reviews provide the roadmap that ensures we have ample underwriting options for our clients.

Why It Works

Our relationships work because we take great pride in delivering high-quality, comprehensive underwriting submissions. Quality submissions are the key to:

  • Faster response times
  • Getting the most aggressive terms
  • Reducing time-consuming errors
  • Intelligent negotiations

We closely evaluate every submission, develop an initial marketing strategy, and reformat it into a professional proposal that meets our ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards. Our submissions quickly move to the top of the underwriter’s pile because they are easier to work on.

Some of the other important factors that contribute to the strength of our market relationships:

We pre-qualify and pre-underwrite every submission and anticipate the underwriter’s questions before they even ask. This critical step saves everyone’s time and creates realistic expectations and time frames.
Every insurance company relationship is a little different and requires a unique strategy to maximize its benefits to us and you. Following our quarterly reviews, we revise individual strategies for our insurance company relationships. It helps expand our industry Rolodex of senior-level relationships, which are shared and made available throughout the entire firm.
We maintain a powerful intranet database, which keeps our team up to date on underwriting guidelines, policy forms, and market intelligence. When we receive a submission, we quickly determine which markets are appropriate and which ones offer the best prices and coverages. We don’t waste anyone’s time, and we get faster responses.