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Roy Thomas Casualty: SVP, Broker

Photo of Roy Thomas
Brown and RidingCasualtyLocation: Atlanta, GA Phone: (678) 225-1382

Specialties: Transportation

Beau Cantrell
Associate Broker
Direct: 678-818-4931

Tiffany Toguchi Management & Professional Liability: Production Team Lead, Associate Broker

Photo of Tiffany Toguchi
Brown and RidingManagement & Professional LiabilityLocation: Seattle, WA Phone: (206) 816-6746

Specialties: Executive Liability coverages for Non-Profit organizations, including Healthcare and private company EPL

Paul Nowak
EVP, Broker
Direct: 206-816-6721

Lisa Rodriguez
SVP, Broker
Direct: 206-816-6725

Caroline Palm
Production Associate
Direct: 206-816-6739

John Totemoff Underwriting: Associate Underwriter

Photo of John Totemoff
Brown and RidingUnderwritingLocation: Anchorage, AK Phone: (907) 297-4520

Tanya Truong Casualty: Associate Broker

Photo of Tanya Truong
Brown and RidingCasualtyLocation: Los Angeles, CA Phone: (213) 593-3421

Specialties: Workers’ Comp – hard to place coverage

Gloria Lam
SVP, Broker
Direct: 213-593-3435

Jannie Oh
Production Associate
Direct: 213-593-3439

Jennifer Johnson
Production Assistant
Direct: 213-587-7425

Mary Turek Casualty: AVP, Production Team Lead, Associate Broker

Photo of Mary Turek
Brown and RidingCasualtyHome Chicago, IL Phone: (312) 279-3665

Greg Grodecki
VP, Broker
Direct: 312-279-3651

Brad Vandenbroeck Casualty: AVP, Product Recall Practice Leader, Broker

Photo of Brad Vandenbroeck
Brown and RidingCasualtyLocation: Grand Rapids, MI Phone: (616) 285-6513

Alma Villalobos Casualty: Associate Broker

Photo of Alma Villalobos
Brown and RidingCasualtyLocation: Sherman Oaks, CA

Specialties: GL, Excess, Environmental, Products Liability, and DIC

Jeff Short
SVP, Broker
Direct: 818-536-7243

Berry Smith
Account Executive
Direct: 818-536-7240

Maria Carvajal
Associate Broker
Direct: 818-536-7244

Christopher Welty, PHR, SHRM-CP Corporate: SVP, Director of Human Resources

Photo of Christopher Welty, PHR, SHRM-CP
Brown and RidingCorporateLocation: Atlanta, GA Phone: (213) 593-3464

Ronda Whaley Property: SVP, Broker

Photo of Ronda Whaley
Brown and RidingPropertyLocation: Los Angeles, CA Phone: (213) 593-3445

Stephanie Wheeler Property: AVP, Production Team Lead, Account Executive

Photo of Stephanie Wheeler
Brown and RidingPropertyLocation: Atlanta, GA Phone: (678) 225-1392

Angela White Property: Associate Broker

Photo of Angela White
Brown and RidingPropertyLocation: Dallas, TX Phone: (972) 560-9842

Specialties: Coastal Properties, Wind Buy-Backs, Habitational, Real Estate, and Inland Marine

Ralph Higginbotham
VP, Broker
Direct: 972-560-9841

Lottie Worth Underwriting: AVP, Underwriter

Photo of Lottie Worth
Brown and RidingUnderwritingLocation: Chicago, IL Phone: (312) 279-3669
Nick Moran
Underwriting Assistant
Direct: 312-279-3653

Andrea Scaletta
Production Assistant

Maria Yomjinda Management & Professional Liability: Associate Broker

Photo of Maria Yomjinda
Brown and RidingManagement & Professional LiabilityLocation: Los Angeles, CA Phone: (213) 593-3446

Elise Ziccardi Property: Associate Broker

Photo of Elise Ziccardi
Brown & RidingPropertyLocation: Atlanta, GA Phone: (678) 818-4930