Medical Spa and Anti-Aging Clinic Program

Professional / General Liability Program exclusively from Brown & Riding

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We know all of your risks may not fit this program.   We have great relationships with most major carriers and would be happy to broker your accounts with them as needed.*

* NOTE:  If this is the case, additional information may be needed in order to market the account.

Specific Coverage Information

State Description Limit & Deductible Premium
Florida Large Social Service account; PL only $2M/$3M Limit;
$100K Deductible
Texas ER Staffing Firm in Dallas; PL only $1M/$3M/$15M Limit;
$0 Deductible
(Cook County)
Family Practitioner with gap in coverage, which we picked up; PL only $1M/$3M Limit;
$5K Deductible
Alabama ER Physician with 3 substance abuse relapses; PL only $1M/$3M Limit;
$5K Deductible
California Cosmetic Surgery Center; PL/GL $1M/$3M Limit;
$5K Deductible
Californiay Sperm Bank – large loss; PL/GL $1M/$3M Limit;
$10K Deductible
Georgia: Cyber and Privacy coverage for Multiple Hospital Group $10M Limit;
$5K Deductible
(New Orleans)
Psychiatry Telemedicine; PL only $1M/$3M Limit;
$2,500 Deductible
North Carolina Medical Spa with multiple locations and large claims; PL/GL $1M/$3M Limit;
$10K Deductible
Pennsylvania Anti-Aging Physician; PL only; MCARE filed by carrier $500k/$1.5M Limit;
$5K Deductible
Washington Medical Spa Physician with a 12 month gap in coverage. We were able to get a carrier to close the gap and pick up a 2008 retro on a stand alone run off policy. $1M/$3M Limit;
$10K Deductible
Kentucky Physical Therapy Clinic, Pharmacy, Medical Spa and Imaging Center all included under one policy; PL only $1M/$3M Limit;
$5K Deductible
Georgia Gynecologist (no surgery) with large claim; PL only $1M/$3M Limit;
$5K Deductible