Habitational Market

Our semi-exclusive habitational market has expanded to the West Coast and offers unique capabilities.

What Makes Our Team Different

  • Organized nationwide team, knowledgeable and experienced in all major US geographies
  • Leading market relationships, knowledge, and clout
  • Coordinated placement and service throughout multiple coverage lines
  • Comprehensive proposals, including Cat Modeling and full loss analysis and stratification

Recent Successes – Hit List

Various, GA 1960/70s Frame $175M $50,000
Tucker, GA 1960s Frame $10M $10,000 AOP
$25,000 W/H
McKinney & Dallas, TX 2014 Frame, Sprinklered $60M $10,000 AOP
$25,000 W/H
Houston, TX
North Mississippi, MS
1950/60s Frame $6M $5,000 AOP
2% NWS
$10,000 AOW
North Mississippi, MS various $10M $10,000 AOP
$10,000 W/H
Various, WA & OR 1906 – 2014 Frame $120M $5,000
Fresno, CA 2009 Frame $40M $10,000
Travis & Bexar County, TX various $100M $10,000 AOP
$25,000 W/H
Various, IL & IN various $25M $10,000 AOP
$25,000 W/H
Pullman, WA 1970s Student Housing $53M $10,000
San Francisco, CA Early 1900s Frame $10M $10,000
Various, CA 1950s – 1980s $100M $10,000