Financial Institutions

Does your client have the right coverage?

Navigating Management & Professional Liability is a rocky road for directors and officers of financial service firms. We specialize in Financial Institutions coverage, and our team is adept at helping you find creative solutions for risks suffering from recent economic uncertainty and/or other complications, including financial status and activities.

Why You Need a Broker that Specializes in Financial Services Placements

  • We Can Help Answer the Important Questions: Very few specialty Insurance professionals know the intricacies involved in the technical placement process of a Management Liability policy for financial services. Our team specializes and focuses on Executive and Management coverages for financial institutions and is experienced working in this space.
  • Access to the Right Markets: There are a limited number of specialty insurance professionals familiar with the intimate and unique universe of FI insurance. And fewer still who are known and respected within this very specialized world. We have the markets with access to 35+ standard and surplus lines carriers.
  • Ensuring the Right Coverage for Today’s Climate: The wrong coverage can look similar and may be cheaper than the right coverage, but the consequences of inadequate coverage can result in a total failure to protect assets against today’s volatile, changing, and hostile economic and legal climate. We work with carriers to modify their forms to make sure your clients have the broadest coverage.
  • Is your client protected by their current insurance? Today the Regulators and Consumer Protection Agencies are closely scrutinizing Financial practices, not to mention the impact of global expansion.
We have assisted Producers across the country in placing D&O & E&O Liability, Bonds, Mortgage Impairment, Kidnap & Ransom, Reps & Warranty, and Privacy & Security Liability coverage for all types of Financial Institutions including:
  • Public, Private, & Non-Profits
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Trust and Escrow Companies
  • Investment Advisors & Security Broker Dealers
  • Asset & Fund Managers
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Community Development Corporations
  • Escrow Companies
  • Mortgage Banks & Brokers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Other Non-Regulated Lending & Depository Facilities
  • REITs
  • New emerging Fin-Tech space

More To Think About:

  • Do you have an off-the-shelf product or finely tuned policy with current enhancements?
  • Does your Client understand both the regulatory and securities-related environment and exposures?
  • How much limit of liability should your Financial Institution client carry?
  • Does your client know the consequences of undertaking an Acquisition or Merger and the various Extended Reporting and R&W coverages available to protect both the Buyer & Seller?
  • Professional, Bond, EPL, Fidelity, and Privacy & Security coverages are as critical today as the D&O, due to trending claim patterns – is your client covered to the broadest extent?