Crane & Rigging

Brown & Riding is one of the exclusive representatives in conjunction with a new London program, which is limited access and enhances your contracting business’s crane/rigging exposures.

This program is geared towards Owners & Operators that perform engineered lifting & rigging, crane, transportation, and logistics services.

We service Crane exposure in many industries, including but not limited to:

  • Petrochemical / Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • High Rise
  • Residential Construction (including Condominium)
  • Iron/Steel/Pre-Cast/Concrete Erection Contractors
  • Logging (Inland Marine only)
  • Equipment Rental Operations

Submission Requirements:

a) GL Acord application – signed, dated, and fully completed
b) Inland Marine Acord Application
c) Completed SOV
d) London Program Contractors Supplemental Application – signed, dated, and fully completed
e) List of Equipment – including year, make, model, serial numbers, and values
f) Specimen copy of equipment maintenance/inspection report
g) Copy of recent crane certification for equipment >+25 years of age
h) Copy of rental contracts or work agreements – including bare rental contracts and/or MSA agreements
i) Copy of specimen job ticket
j) Currently valued audited financials
k) List of all operators – including NCCCO No.
l) Five (5) years currently valued (within 60 days) hard copy Carrier loss runs with specific details for all losses at $10,000 and greater
m) Copy of Safety Program

*** We are happy to secure our program with Acords as you build the submission, although we are looking for solidified opportunities that we can team up on to create the best program available in the current marketplace. ***

Coverage Highlights:

  • CG 00 01 1001 coverage form that includes mobile equipment
  • 1/2/2 limits with optional follow form $2,000,000 excess capacity that includes Riggers Liability
  • $10,000 minimum deductible; includes LAE costs
  • Riggers Liability included within the policy limits
  • $100,000 minimum premium for Primary General Liability
*** NOTE: We have prepared the excess/umbrella marketplace with this exclusive program, and have additional carrier partners that are excited to write in excess of $3MM to accommodate any capacity need on this class of business. ***

Coverage Highlights:

  • IM/CPE minimum premium: $25,000
  • In addition to the General Liability underwriting guidelines, we will require our fully-completed SOV spreadsheet form
  • Rigging Inclusion: Coverage option is provided subject to the additional questions noted within the provided IM/CPE Quotation Form Request
  • Crane and Non-Crane risks such as Energy & Logging are all eligible; combined with the expansion of needed APD (Auto Physical Damage) within the form

APD coverage expansion now available to your Insured, effective immediately:

1) APD coverage for private passenger and light weight trucks are ineligible for inclusion
2) All eligible units must be included within your submitted SOV schedule
3) Minimum APD deductible:  $2,500 OR – 10% of the loss, whichever is greater
4) Minimum Policy Premium:  $50,000 for APD only coverage (NOTE: $50,000 minimum policy premium DOES NOT apply when APD coverage is written in conjunction with the IM/CPE.)
5) Towing, Debris Removal, and Storage Coverage available – including year, make, model, serial numbers, and values
6) Rolling Stock/Motor Truck Cargoavailable by coverage extension, depending upon risk particulars
7) Trailer Interchangeavailable by coverage extension, depending upon risk particulars