Amusement Attractions & Action Sports

Our specialists can help you place standard and challenging risks in the amusement attractions and action sports sectors.

Unique Structured Product Liability Examples

  • Building supplier that needed a product liability policy with 10-year extended products Completed Operations coverage
  • One day claims-made policy with 3 years of nose coverage in addition to a 3-year ERP provision for a company being bought out

Product Highlights

  • Wide range of product liability appetite
  • Excellent relationships with TPAs and law firms specializing in the product liability sector. Approved vendor for product liability markets to handle TPA and defense counsel. Can help insureds with contracts, waivers in addition to a great resource for case law, coverage review.
  • Unique coverages, including:
    • Deductible caps
    • Broadened Definition of Insured
    • Notice of Occurrence
    • Earned Premium Amendment
    • Unintentional Failure To Disclose All Hazards
    • Mental Anguish Resulting From Bodily Injury
    • Cancellation Amendment
  • Experience with true foreign liability placements
  • Structured large excess liability towers (limits $100M+)