Chairman’s Message

To Our Partners,

Commitment to excellence begins at the top. I want you all to know that my commitment is unwavering, and our company’s mission is to deliver you an experience like no other in the industry. Brown & Riding has been successful for a long time, and I believe it’s because we follow tried and true principles and our commitment is crystal clear. We work for you. We represent you. We are accountable to you. When you succeed, we succeed.

These statements are easy to make, but the difference you get when you work with our team of professionals is that we live it and we prove it every single day. I’m proud of the fact we were the first wholesale broker in this country to achieve and maintain the ISO 9001 certification for overall quality management. It’s a great example of our commitment, our culture, and our capability.

Years ago our management team decided to do things differently. We focused internally first, to ensure that we had the best people, the most efficient processes, and the right mindset to continually improve our performance.

We have grown carefully and thoughtfully, with like-minded companies, all with the same vision and dedication to being the best independent wholesale brokerage in the country. If you haven’t worked with us before, please consider us. I think you will be surprised at how easy we are to work with and how professional our teams are. At the end of the day, I want you to experience a wholesale difference in how you do business. I am always available, as is the entire management team, to talk to you about your needs, concerns, and ideas on how we can get even better.

Let’s grow together.


Chris Brown Signature