About Us

Brown & Riding is a national top 10 wholesale brokerage built around core values of teamwork, quality, and professionalism. We’re here to advocate for you and your clients, every day, and are committed to providing you with the best possible experience available in the marketplace.

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What Makes Us Different

When you work with us, you can expect the best effort from the entire firm, not just one individual. Our goal is to be your best option – reliable, responsive, and professional at all times. Brown & Riding is the first ever wholesale insurance broker in the country with an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System. That means that we don’t just talk about quality, we live and prove it.

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We Reduce Your Costs

When you work with us, you will quickly see how our rigorous process and focus on quality reduces your costs and makes it easy to do business with us. When you submit a risk to one of our teams, you will know where you stand, what the timeline is for response, and what you can expect in terms of market availability and pricing through our 24/7 online portal. We provide sample policy forms and detailed coverage comparisons where needed or appropriate, and we’re transparent with all aspects of the transaction.

We’re Accountable

At some point in the business life cycle, growing companies are faced with decisions that can dramatically impact their vision and culture. Part of our commitment to excellence is the recognition that remaining truly independent is one of our core tenets. What this means is that we are completely owner managed and owner controlled.

We’ve chosen not to accept “outside,” Wall Street-type investment to foster growth. We believe that doing so would subject us to forces that are only interested in financial performance. This could create a conflict of interest – a conflict with YOUR best interests.

In our view, sometimes the right thing to do is turn away business or recommend a competitor who’s better able to help you. Outside investors don’t care about your needs; they care about profit and exit strategies. This is why we remain independent and accountable.

We’re Specialists

Our brokers and account executives are specialists, not generalists. This means your submissions are managed by an expert team in the appropriate field, and not just by someone who happens to be assigned to your office. This has a significant impact on our working relationship with underwriters; they know they are working with a knowledgeable professional at all times. We not only get things done quickly, we get them done correctly.